All pupils returning to the new S5 and S6 will get their timetables at registration on Tuesday morning. There have been some changes to the teachers for the S5/6 registration classes and these are reflected in the table below. Lists of pupils in these registration classes will be posted on the North and South entrance doors and in both the main and small atrium areas. When new S5/6 pupils arrive in school on Tuesday they should check which register class they are in. We are looking forward to seeing you all back in school ready and raring to go.
5/6G1 204 Mrs Brindle/Mrs Laing (F)
5/6G2 217 Mr McArthur
5/6L1 102 Mr McLaughlan
5/6L2 113 Mr Stone
5/6N1 317 Mrs Alexander / Mr Dunbar (M)
5/6N2 303 Mrs Carle
5/6S1 208 Ms Lloyd
5/6S2 219 Mrs Danielo.
5/6W1 229 Ms Galloway/Dr Gregson (M/T)
5/6W2 226 Ms Rose

Are you ready to take on a leadership role at Inverness Royal Academy? Would you like to take on extra responsibility and contribute to the wider ethos of the school? We are inviting motived and enthusiastic S5 and S6 pupils to apply for the role of prefect for the session 2019 2020. S6 pupils can also apply to the crucial roles of school and house captains. Applications should be completed and handed in to Mrs Reid by the 10th of June.

S6 pupils have an exciting opportunity to attend a four hour workshop with Nicky Marr – ‘Present Yourself with Confidence’ on the 5th of June at Culdulthel Christian Centre from 9am -1pm. This workshop will build on crucial interview skills that you will need for prefect interviews, college/ university applications and job interviews. Nicky Marr is an experienced writer and broadcaster and can set you on the path to making your presentations and speeches shine, and help you overcome those pesky nerves. If you would like to take part in this workshop, there will be a sign-up sheet outside Mrs Reid’s office or you can phone the school office and let us know you would like to take part. You need to be quick! Please sign up by the end of the day on Tuesday the 5th of June!

The English department is looking forward to welcoming back senior pupils when the new timetable begins. All N5 and Higher pupils in the new timetable will be working on their broadly discursive folio piece in the first two weeks. As your exams come to an end you can begin preparing for this by thinking of an interesting topic. Try to avoid topics that have been covered in abundance such as euthanasia or footballers’ wages. Places like the Guardian’s Opinion section or Huffington Post are great sources for topical issues. You might want to consider the merits of fans demanding a rewrite for ‘Game of Thrones’ or the ‘cancel culture’ fuelled by the James Charles scandal on YouTube. You could think about if parents should have the rights to share images of their children without consent on social media or the growing trend of ‘poor doors’ in housing developments in London . Most importantly, try to be original and interesting. Remember, when you are doing your research please keep a note of all sources for your bibliography. If you have any questions pop into the English department.

Also, can any pupil who has borrowed a book please return it asap so we can issue these to new pupils in the new timetable.

There will be a NPLQ course (National Pool Life Guarding) with integrated Emergency First Aid at Work at Drummond School Mon 20th –Fri 31st (excluding weekends) from 4-8:30pm for over 16’s. This is great if they want a summer job at a Sports Centre especially as they pay time and a half at weekends!!!

The cost of the course is £250 p/person.

If you are interested please email

The New York Academy of Science is looking for new members for the junior academy for the upcoming year.

Each year, the New York Academy of Science invites students ages 13-18 to join The Junior Academy.
Apply for the opportunity to access exclusive STEM support and remarkable global STEM network where you can collaborate with students throughout the world to solve the problems of today.
At the end of your year there is a chance to go to the Global STEM alliance summit in New York to meet many other individuals with the same passion.

See Mr Turner in Guidance for information.

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