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  • 16th November 2020

Parental Engagement/Evenings Update:
As an Authority we are working with our schools to ensure they feel supported in a time of great uncertainty. The Health and Wellbeing of our staff is paramount right now. Parental engagement is key. However, many factors need to be taken into account this year where face to face consultation is not possible.

Following consultation with union representatives, it has been agreed that Highland Council will proceed with a small number of schools to take part of a virtual parent engagement/evening trial. This is to make sure that a preferred system/platform works well and that there are no issues from either school or parent perspective. A mixture of primary and secondary schools in Mid, South and West areas have agreed to take part in this trial throughout November.

Once this trial has been completed further engagement with Head Teachers, parents and Unions will take place, with a decision made in how to move forward with virtual parental engagement. The timing of this pilot may mean that this type of school engagement may not take place until term 3.

Schools will have different approaches to parental engagement and these will vary between schools. This decision lies with the individual school and is supported by Local Authority.

Growing 2gether have another Growing 2gether in the Community project starting up at the end of November which will run once a week after school for 16 weeks. You would work together in a small group online to start with to create a project based on an issue that matters to you. Previous projects have been about Mental Health, Homelessness, Teenage Pregnancy, Self Harm and Drug Awareness.

There will be posters going up in the school with contact details for Duncan who runs the project. You can also find details on the Facebook Page or contact your guidance teacher for more information.

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