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Culduthel Woods Gathering
Sunday 3rd July 2pm-4pm
We are delighted to be hosting our first Woodland Gathering to celebrate the community ownership of the woods.
The event is part of the Highland Climate Festival and the programme is:
• 1.30pm: Fancy cycling to the woods? Meet up with Karen Darke, (British Paralympian cyclist and Gold medalist, para-triathlete, adventurer and author) at Drummond School, IV2 4NZ. Very easy about 1km and flat.
• 2pm to 2.30pm: Opening ceremony – woodland procession and piper. Start near the main gates on Culduthel Avenue at IV2 6BX, parking at Culduthel Christian Centre
• 2.30pm to 4.30pm: Woodland activities – mobile sawmill, bushcraft, wildlife safaris, slacklines, kindling chopper, crafts, refreshments ….. and Ma’cones Ice-cream Van!
I do hope you can come and join us on this special day, and bring family and friends!
In S6 PSE today we covered the UCAS process. If your child is considering applying to university please look through the attached presentation. If you have any questions please contact Mr Macdonald on 01463 667800 or graeme.macdonald@highland.gov.uk

Next week we have upcoming duo “Juna & Joey” who have travelled  from the USA to the UK and are visiting various schools around the country in June. They are providing a lucky few schools such as ours with a live performance, followed by  a talk on Mental Health, Body Image / Cyber Bullying & a live Q&A for pupils.


Juna & Joey are a singer/songwriter, brother/sister, Country Duo from the USA. The duo’s popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with almost 7.6 million collective views and a viral Tik Tok at 10 million views. Juna N Joey co-write all of their songs with hit songwriters in Nashville and Los Angeles and will release their self-titled new EP later this year as well appearing in a Levi’s advert.


Stills teenagers themselves and having their own issues with bullying, body image and mental health, they feel they are in the perfect position to deliver these messages to pupils. Please find a link to a couple of their music videos below.


Juna & Joey – Something Good To Miss (Official Music Video)

Juna & Joey – Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi Cover)


During this troubling time, we know it’s been very difficult for our pupils especially in terms of their mental health, and we hope that Juno & Joey  can lift spirits, entertain and ultimately educate pupils on these sensitive subjects. The duo are extremely experienced in delivering these messages for school pupils and has attended over 100 schools in person before the pandemic in the UK and America




  • Each session lasts a period.
  • Year Groups should attend at following times: S2: Period 2/S3: Period 3/S4 Period 4/S5: Period 6/S6: Period 7
  • Teachers should register pupils as quickly as possible and go to the Theatre without delay.
  • The session begins with the performance, which is followed by a P.S.E. presentation, a live Q&A with students, and finally a meet and greet.
  • Feedback from other schools suggests that  the live performance is so engaging that when the message is being delivered, students are often hanging off their every word. It’s a great way to deliver an important message.


  • The program is suitable for all secondary pupils and will be delivered to each year group apart from the new S1s


  • Juna & Joey will discuss mental health, the causes of mental health problems (stress at school, relationships etc.), a time they have had their own mental health issues, who to turn to for help and the importance of speaking up. They have had their own issues with body image while growing up so will speak about this topic and how they deal with it. They will also speak about the stresses of the past two years during the pandemic, the loss we might all have felt and how we can all better handle the unpredictability and hardship of current times.
  • Juna & Joey will give advice on how to stay safe online as well as discussing cyber bullying, where to go for help and their own experiences with trolling, how they were affected by cyber bullying, how they felt at the time, how they reacted, and the outcome of the situation.

As we let you know last week,  a group of our S1 Art & Design students produced artwork for a flag that formed  part of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant over the weekend. The Inverness Royal Academy flag took quite a prominent position in the River of Hope part of the event.

Mr South kindly took a photo from the television and although a bit blurry and pixelated it is proof, if proof be needed, of our pupils’ contribution to an historic event. Once again it was so nice to see our much missed pupil Sarah Adams featured so prominently on the flag.


All S6 pupils are to attend Nicky Marr’s Workshop on “Present yourself with Confidence”.


This course is for all S6 pupils because although Academic qualifications are important – if you don’t have the basics you won’t get the job you are looking for or into the college or university course that will help you get to where you want to be. But it’s a competitive world – employers and universities/colleges are looking for more than just exam results – they are looking to engage with well-rounded individuals who can demonstrate they have personal skills like leadership, reliability, honesty and compassion and who will get on with their workforce or other students.


The workshops are from 9am to 12am on the following dates and places:


6G3 & 6L3 = Tuesday 14th June, 9am – 12am, Culduthel Christian Centre (Please attend registration first then walk over to the CC Centre)

6S3 & 6W3 = Thursday 16th June, 9am – 12am, Fairways (Please go straight to Fairways and you will be registered there)

6C1 & 6N3 = Tuesday 21st June, 9am – 12am, Culduthel Christian Centre (Please attend registration first then walk over to the CC Centre)


Please let Mrs MacLennan know if you can’t attend your workshop.

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