We ended the first week of re-opening Inverness  Royal Academy by welcoming our S2 & S4 pupils back to school today.
Just as with S1 & S5/6 on Wednesday, and S3 yesterday, the return of all year groups has been wonderful to witness. There has, of course, been some nervousness which is only natural. What has been clear however, has been the tremendous positivity and energy with which our young people have resumed their education.
As we always do, we use the school’s values as a prism to view the challenges we face. Over the past three days, we have focused on the importance of respect, particularly respecting other people’s space.
We have talked of taking responsibility for not just our own health but protecting the health of others in our school community.
And finally, we have reflected upon the need for compassion; to try and understand the impact lockdown has had on some people and the need to be kind to each other as we go forward.
As we return fully next week, we go forward with our fourth value of commitment foremost in everyone’s minds.
We know we’re in this endeavour together and it’s going to be a long haul. It’s important that all of us in the school remain committed to the three principles we have stressed in assemblies this week: hand hygiene, physical distancing and face coverings where necessary.
The phased return has proven to be a positive strategy which has allowed us to learn: we have modified existing processes but also introduced new ones.
Once again, all of the staff at Inverness Royal Academy thank parents/carers and the wider community for their continued support.

Former S6 Pupils

This is a message for our S6 pupils who left us in June 2020.

Former S6 pupils can clear out their lockers between 11.40 to 12.20 on Friday 14th August 2020.  Due to Covid restrictions please report to reception and sign in and you must be out of the school by 12.20.

Thank you

As I’m sure you will be aware, re-opening any school, particularly one the size of Inverness Royal Academy is a complex and delicate task. The arrangements and rules we have in place will change, sometimes at short notice as we navigate the coming days.
This will be as result of continuously learning and refining the safest way to operate in line with current government guidance.
We are in the fortunate position of having been open as a hub for children of key workers and vulnerable young people throughout lockdown. Much has been learnt from that experience, though that was with a maximum of only 50 young people. After this week’s phased return we will be operating with a roll of nearly 1300 students and around 130 staff.
In such circumstances and as government advice is updated, our procedures will reflect what we consider to be in the best interests of pupils & staff (particularly the most vulnerable), while protecting families and the wider community.
We appreciate your understanding and support.

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