The BSE Department has 2 teachers: Mr Stewart and Mrs Duncan.

Mr S does all the Economics, Management and Law classes and Mrs D does the Accounting, Administration and the Business Education classes are split; pot luck!!

We are a unique department within the IRA, as we offer our pupils so many different subjects at Higher Level (4 subjects): Economics, Accounting, Management and Administration and National 4/5 Level (2 subjects); Economics and Administration.

All of these are obviously to do with ‘Business’ in some way.

You can see all 5 of our subjects on the list below, and, although most of our pupils come from the Senior School, we do offer two National exams in S3 and S4: Economics and Administration. We also have contact with all first year pupils for S1 Business Education for one period per week.

The majority of our Senior pupils go onto to study Business Subjects at University – including Economists, Accountants, Administrators, Lawyers, Managers and, of course, Business creators and Entrepreneurs.

All of our first year pupils will get the opportunity in Business Education, to learn about investing in the Stock Exchange by entering the S1 “Sharebuilders’ Competition”; and many of our S6 Senior pupils get the opportunity to attend a 2-day Business Conference run each year, which helps to increase understanding and awareness of Local Businesses by our senior pupils.

We also have ‘guest-speakers’ talking to our pupils on various Business topics, and, depending on the size of the class, visits to local firms are organized.

August 2015

HIGHERS (5th and 6th Year)


NATIONAL LEVELS 4 and 5 (3rd and 4th Year)

  1. ADMINISTRATION (National 4 and 5)
  2. ECONOMICS (National 5 only)


All first year pupils will spend one period each week studying Business Education, where they will be introduced to –

  • The IRA’s Computer Network – logging-on, ‘Acceptable Use Policy’, keyboarding.
  • Information Technology – Computers: Word-processing, Databases, Spreadsheets.
  • “Sharebuilders’ Competition” – Buying and Selling UK Shares to make big PROFITS.
  • Sharebuilders’ Project and Class Talk
  • Economics – Wealth, Poverty, Division of Labour

More information for pupils interested in choosing these subjects for S3 can be found in the the department files section of this website.


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