Mrs S Laing (Principal Teacher)

Mrs P Brady (Depute Rector)

Mrs M Brindle

Mr B Davidson

Miss H Lloyd

Miss H Preece

Mrs C Stirling

All pupils study mathematics in first and second year. During third year, pupils are placed in a class leading to an appropriate qualification. Currently, we have pupils following courses in Mathematics, leading eventually to a Higher course, and other following courses in Lifeskills Mathematics. For all pupils, there will be an appropriate course available in S5, should they wish to continue to study the subject.

Lifeskills Mathematics courses at levels N4 and N5 will prepare young people for careers in many sectors including finance, technology and others.

Mathematics courses at N4 and N5 lead to Higher Mathematics and specialisation beyond in the field of mathematics, engineering and associated fields.

Further information on all courses can be found on the websites of Education Scotland and SQA

Whiteboard Maths

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