The music department is a well-resourced department with accommodation consisting of three teaching rooms and five practice rooms.

S1 and S2 classes are timetabled for two periods per week, S3 and S4 National classes three periods and the Higher / Advanced Higher classes six periods per week.

Uptake into S3 and S5 has risen steadily over the past few years, and SQA results show a high level of success at all levels.

The department runs a variety of lunchtime activities:

Senior Choir        Mon 3.30

String Group      Tues 3.30

S1-4 Choir           Wed 1.15

Band                    Wed 3.30

Piping Group      Thurs 1.10



Staff in the department are

Alyn Ross                                 Principal Teacher

Sheena Amos                          Teacher          (full time)

Jenny Delmonte                       Teacher          (currently on maternity leave)

Pam McCulloch                        Teacher          (full time)

Louise McBain                          Instrumental Tutor (Piping)           (Wed pm and Thursday all day)

Olivia Ross                               Instrumental Tutor (Strings)         (Tues all day)

Mark Bell                                   Instrumental Tutor (Brass)            (Mon am)

Colin MacLean                          Instrumental Tutor (Woodwind)     (Wed all day+ Thurs am)

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