Rural Skills Intermediate 1

At Inverness Royal Academy

This course provides an introduction to a wide variety of land-based outdoor jobs including game keeping, gardening, farming, estate work and looking after animals.

There are 3 compulsory units and 4 optional ones

We spend a half day a week doing practical work experience including planting crops, building fences, repairing paths, clearing leaves and branches.

We also have various trips to farms and wildlife parks as well as visitors to school including a Harris Hawk handler.

There are no exams but your employability skills are continuously assessed and you have 2 periods a week to keep a diary of your activities and do some project work.

Rural skills introduction

Rural skills is a class that is not only social but is physical education.

In rural skills there are many different activities we take part in and help in that could be used for employability skills in later life.

We go to Aigas field centre to help make a better environment for animals and the public. There are three compulsory units in this.

Your attitude has to be very mature towards the workers at any place you go to, you must be sensible with every tool you use.

You get assessed on every piece of work you do. You must be prepared for any type of weather and willing to work in a team, and meet new people.

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