Welcome back to a very different term. I hope you are coping  with the lockdown and kept safe and well.

Despite the very challenging times we are living in at present, it is really important that we all work together to get you the best access to your learning and education, as possible.


Our plan is as follows;


  1. Pupils, including S6 for the first two weeks, will be expected to register online by 12.00 each day. Pupils can access their year group classroom on google classroom and use the posted form to register their attendance. Absentees will be contacted by Guidance staff and or Year Head. This is to ensure you are engaging with your learning and are safe and well. Arrangements for the return of leavers forms and chrome books will be forwarded to you by the end of the first week.


  1. S1, S2 and S3 pupils will continue to access  BGE materials to be provided by staff, online.


  1. S4 and S5 pupils will consolidate the skills required to  prepare them  for moving on to their next chosen  subjects. Appropriate material will be provided by staff which you are expected to complete and submit for feedback.


  1. By the end of the first week we will review the senior  pupils ’ course choices and resulting class lists. This will  determine when we move to a new timetable.


  1. Mrs Reid will continue to provide updates on SQA developments.


There is no doubt that this term will present us with challenges never before experienced but by working together and  communicating effectively ,  I’m confident we can make the  best of what is a very different educational setting.


All the very best to you all !


Robin Fyfe

Acting Rector

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