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Art and Design


  • Mr Trevor South (Principal Teacher)
  • Miss Laura Quinn
  • Mrs Leanne Sharp
  • Mr Joao Sobral

The Art Department is situated on the top floor of the school.  We have an open door policy where pupils can come to the department at lunchtime or after school to catch up on work.


Homework is an integral part of the work of the classroom, as both a support and an extension of the tasks that pupils undertake during coursework.

Homework is an important point of contact between the school and the home.

The position of homework within the learning process of all pupils is dependent on the course level and the stages within any given course.  On this point it is worth noting that the expectation of the Department is that the more advanced the course the more demanding the homework should be in terms of amount, effort and quality.

Homework issued within the Art Department mainly involves Observational Drawing, promoting and encouraging the regular practice of a core skill within Art & Design.

Pupils are issued with Homework Topic Sheets; these sheets outline the task to be done, as well as providing guidelines to assist the pupil to achieve their best.

All set Homework is peer and self-assessed from S1 to S4. The teacher will also evaluate this process throughout the session.

S1-S2: Curriculum for Excellence

  • All S1 and S2 pupils are issued with a Homework Topic Sheet – they are advised to keep the list in their sketchbook.
  • Pupils are expected to complete ONE task each month.
  • Each task is an Observational Drawing of a specific object/subject done as a monochrome study (in pencil).
  • Pupils are expected to spend a minimum of 30-45 minutes drawing.
  • The Department issues a sketchbook to be used throughout S1 and S2.

S3-S4: National 3, 4 & 5

  • All S3 and S4 pupils are issued with a Homework Sketchbook.
  • Pupils are issued with a Homework Topic Sheet – this list should be pasted inside the Homework Sketchbook.
  • Pupils are expected to complete ONE task each month.
  • Each task is an Observational Drawing of a specific object/subject done as a monochrome study (in pencil). Some tasks maybe done in colour if the pupil has appropriate equipment.
  • Pupils are expected to spend a minimum of 45-60 minutes drawing
  • Pupils are encouraged to use the Sketchbooks for general drawing practice i.e. the purpose of the Sketchbook is NOT solely for the homework tasks, it should encourage an interest in the practice of drawing.

In addition to the Drawing Homework pupils in S3 & S4 should expect to be issued with Critical Activity assignments to do at home in preparation for their N5 exam and N4 & N3 course work.

In the main part, Critical Activity is covered in the classroom and specific time is spent in class on this activity, however, pupils can still expect that there will be work to be done outside of the classroom; this could take the form of further research projects over holidays, practice past papers.

S5-S6:  Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 & Higher

For these courses the folio work that the pupils produce in class is subject specific and theme-based; for that reason the content and nature of the Homework set is also theme-based; any objects drawn or images collected are based on the theme selected by the individual pupil.

With this in mind, Practical Homework issued at this level is generic in nature, with pupils being advised to seek the advice of the teacher concerning specific help needed.

Pupils are issued with a sketch book and are directed by their teacher on what to produce as well as being expected to add their own thoughts and ideas.

S6: Advanced Higher

Pupils are issued with Sketchbooks at the start of their course and are expected to collect imagery and ideas that pertain to their chosen theme.  Pupils will be set individual homework targets by their teacher.  They will be expected to research their chosen artists/designers independently and fulfil all targets set for them.


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