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Gaelic and GME


Welcome to the Gaelic Department of Inverness Royal Academy

Fàilte gu Roinn na Gàidhlig aig Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis

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Inverness Royal Academy has a dedicated Gaelic Department which provides Gaelic (Learners) and Gaelic Medium Education. Whether you are a fluent Gaelic speaker or a complete beginner there are many opportunities for you to learn the language and develop your skills.

Gaelic for Learners

All P7 pupils coming to the Academy have the option of studying Gaelic in S1 as complete beginners. Gaelic (Learners) courses are available from S1 through to Advanced Higher level on S6. You will find more information about our Gaelic (Learners) provision here.

Gaelic Medium Education

Inverness Royal Academy is the only secondary school in Inverness which provides Gaelic Medium education.

In addition to studying Gàidhlig, pupils who are fluent in the language have the opportunity to be educated in a range other subjects, through the medium of Gaelic. You will find more information about our Gaelic-medium provision here:

Why study Gaelic?

There are many good reasons why people learn Gaelic. Below is a list that some of our pupils collated telling why they chose to study Gaelic or Gàidhlig in the Academy:

  • Learning languages helps you develop a range of skills and abilities which are useful in your future life & work.
  • Gaelic is part of our Scottish heritage. Learning Gaelic will allow you to appreciate Scotland’s past and understand how this impacts on the present.
  • It helps you to understand the local culture of the Highlands.
  • Learning Gaelic will allow you to talk to Gaelic speakers in their native language.
  • You can enjoy participating in Gaelic cultural activities.
  • You can enjoy watching Gaelic programmes & listening to Gaelic radio.
  • By learning Gaelic we are helping to reverse the language decline which has taken place over previous centuries.      

Gaelic Department Information

There are three classrooms and a tutorial room in the Gaelic Department and each room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. The rooms are light and spacious and look out over Culduthel Woods.

Members of Staff

  • Miss S McLennan (Principal Teacher): Gàidhlig, Gaelic (Learners), Modern Studies & History through the medium of Gaelic.
  • Mrs D Beattie: Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners) and RMPS through the medium of Gaelic.
  • Mr S Charity: Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners) and Modern Studies through the medium of Gaelic.
  • Mrs C MacPhee: Gàidhlig, Gaelic (Learners) and Geography through the medium of Gaelic.

Gàidhlig and Gaelic are taught from S1 to Advanced Higher. Gaelic medium History and Modern Studies have recently been extended from S1 to Higher. Geography is currently available from S1 to National 5. We also cover RMPS and PSE through the Medium of Gaelic in S1 and S2.

Enrichment opportunities that come with studying Gaelic

The Gaelic Department encourages pupils to get involved in Gaelic activities in and out of school. In recent years pupils have been involved in:

The Local Mòd & National Mòd: Students may participate in a range of competitions e.g. writing, speaking, verse recitation and music competitions.

Co-Fharpais ChLAS: The Gaelic Teachers’ Association annual writing competitions for S1-2 pupils.

FilmG: Pupils plan, script, record and edit a short film before submitting it to the annual national FilmG competition.

Deasbad Nàiseanta Loganair nan Àrd-sgoilteanSenior pupils participate in the annual national Gaelic debate, competing against many schools from across Scotland.

Duais Iain Muir (John Muir Award): Comunn na Gàidhlig support our GME pupils by running the John Muir Award through the medium of Gaelic. Pupils from IRA were amongst the first able to participate in Duais Iain Muir.

Lunchtime clubs: Clubs are run in department to provide support with homework and extra study. In the run up to the local Mòd, support is offered to help pupils prepare for their competitions. Comunn na Gàidhlig also run regular lunchtime clubs including quizzes and boardgames in Gaelic.

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