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  • Mr John Quigley (Principal Teacher)
  • Miss Rowan Burrell
  • Mr Simon Lyall
  • Miss Dione Reid
  • Mrs Catriona Ward

S3/4: National 4 & 5

History can be studied at National 3, 4 or 5 in S3 and 4.  The course content is the same for all levels, but assessments are different.

The study of History will allow you to have:

  • An understanding of cultures and experiences of people in the past in both Scotland and the wider world
  • Empathy for those in challenging situations and an understanding of people’s motives
  • Strong research skills which will contribute to success in your National assignment
  • The ability to analyse information, evaluate sources and justify your decisions 
  • A clear understanding of Scotland’s current place in the world and how this came about

Studying History will develop your skills for life, learning and work.  We build on the skills already embedded in the S1-2 curriculum, through studying the following topics:

British – The Atlantic Slave Trade

  • Why the Triangular trade began.
  • Experiences of slaves
  • The impact that the Slave Trade had on Africa, Britain and the West Indies
  • The Abolition of the Slave Trade

Scottish – Scotland and the Era of the Great War

  • Experiences of Scottish soldiers on the Western Front
  • The impact of the war on Scottish culture and society
  • The impact of the war on Scottish industry and the economy
  • The impact of the war on Scottish politics

European and World – The USA 1850-80 or Free at Last 

  • Westward expansion and the experiences of people who moved west
  • Slavery and the Civil War
  • Reconstruction – reuniting the states and life for black people once slavery was abolished
  • The defeat and demise of the Native Americans.
  • The ‘Open Door’ policy and immigration, to 1928 and ‘Separate but equal’, to 1945.
  • Civil rights campaigns, to 1968 and the assessment of the impact of the campaigns on US society 
  • The role of Martin Luther King 
  • The ghettos and black American radicalism, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers.

S5/6: Higher & Advanced Higher History

Higher History

The Higher course content covers:

British Unit – Britain 1851 – 1951

This topic focuses on the evolution of the British state into a modern democracy and the development of the Welfare State during the 19th and 20th centuries; the results of which continue to have incredible relevance to this day.

European and World Unit – Crusades 1071-1204

This topic focuses on development of the Religious, political and economic factors for the crusading movement between 1071 and 1204.

Scottish Unit – The Wars of Independence 1249 – 1328

This topic focuses on the military and political turmoil faced by Scotland after the death of Alexander III; detailing the conflicts between figures such as Edward I; John Balliol; William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Advanced Higher History

The Advanced Higher History course allows learners to acquire depth in their knowledge and understanding of historical themes, and to develop further the skills of analysing complex historical issues, evaluating sources and drawing conclusions.

The course makes a distinctive contribution to the curriculum by engaging in the issues which arise from significant historical events and developments. The depth of study enables learners to engage fully in historical debate and thereby develop a deeper appreciation of the forces which have shaped historical developments.

Students will be required to select one of the following fields of study:

  • “The House Divided”: USA 1850-1865
  • Germany: Versailles to the outbreak of World War Two


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