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Modern Languages

“Those who know no foreign language know nothing of their mother tongue.”

(„Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen.“)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German writer, artist and politician


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
Former President of South Africa and leader of the anti-apartheid movement



  • Miss Dawn Munro (Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs Julie Cooling
  • Miss Aliette Danielo
  • Miss Bénédicte Mulot
  • Mr Glenn Perard
Modern Languages in the BGE
  • S1: French
  • S2: French and beginners’ German/Spanish
  • S3: French and/or German and/or Spanish
Modern Languages in the Senior Phase
  • S4: French and/or German and/or Spanish (National 4 and National 5)
  • S5: French and/or German (National 5 and Higher)
  • S6: French and/or German (Higher and Advanced Higher)

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The Modern Languages department offers pupils the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish through the key skills of listening, talking, reading and writing. Alongside the linguistic development we also aim to develop cultural understanding of the countries in which these languages are spoken. The members of the Modern Languages department work closely together to ensure that our classes are active, enjoyable and rewarding experiences for learners of all ages and abilities. We are constantly developing new resources and innovative teaching methods to make our curriculum accessible to all.

Cultural visits

The Modern Languages department values the benefit of cultural visits and recognises that there is no better way to teach our pupils a foreign language than by immersing them in a different country and culture, thus improving their confidence and linguistic skills through communication with native speakers in real life situations.

A group of BGE French pupils participated in a highly successful school exchange with our partner secondary school Collège Éric Tabarly in Inverness’s twin town of La Baule in France.

Pupils in our Senior Phase German classes had the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets in Hamburg in northern Germany.




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