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Support for Learning

“I will go anywhere, provided it is forward”

David Livingstone

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Joanna Blair (Principal Teacher)
  • Ms Kirsteen Cowie
  • Mrs Susan Denoon (part-time: W-F)
  • Mr Grant Kay
  • Mrs Jane Lloyd (part-time: M-W)
  • Mrs Anne MacRae (part-time: M-W)
  • Mrs Jillian Marwick
  • Dr Owen Morris (part-time: M-W)
  • Mr Donald Murchison
  • Mrs Elizabeth O’Donoghue
  • Mr Dave Sherratt (West Wing)
  • Mrs Lynn Tibbett (West Wing)
  • Dr Mandy Woods

Pupil Support Assistants

  • Mrs Claire Beling
  • Mr Colm Black
  • Ms Gina Bremner
  • Ms Alison Callanan
  • Ms Mhairi Cameron (part-time)
  • Mrs Norma Charmley
  • Ms Julia Duncan
  • Mrs Michelle Fielding-South
  • Mrs Caroline Fowler-Hinde
  • Ms Zhanara Fraser
  • Mrs Debra Goma
  • Ms Helen Jones (part-time)
  • Mrs Eilidh Krall (part-time)
  • Ms Caroline Leitch
  • Ms Kareena Maclennan
  • Mrs Elizabeth MacKinnon
  • Mrs Karen MacLeod (part-time)
  • Miss Sophie MacRitchie
  • Mrs Jessie McCaskill
  • Ms Moira Mills
  • Mr Allan Moore
  • Ms Kate Plummer
  • Ms Keri Newlands
  • Ms Kate Plummer
  • Mr Iain Powell
  • Mrs Claire Rennie
  • Ms Susan Richardson
  • Mrs Marcia Ritchie-MacKenzie

Our Department Aims:

  • To enable pupils to be the best they can be
  • To value hard work and provide opportunities for all pupils, so that talents and individual learning styles are identified and encouraged through a range of learning experiences
  • To stay up to date with new technologies, so that the curriculum is accessible as possible to all learners
  • To work closely with IRA subject staff, external agencies, partners, parents and our Feeder Primaries
  • To support our learners with Additional Support Needs, be they large or small, temporary or longer-term
  • To design and support courses and units which employ a differentiated approach and cater for a wide variety of pupil needs.

Our Role:

  • Specialist provision
  • Specialist knowledge and understanding
  • Link people to wider school and external agencies
  • Co-operative/Team Teachers and Assistants
  • Direct Tutors and Assistants in the Core
  • Advocates of Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy

Contact Us

Culduthel Road
01463 667800