“I will go anywhere, provided it is forward” – David Livingstone



Teaching Staff

Mrs Joanna Blair (Principal Teacher)

Ms Mel Crossley (West Wing)

Mrs Susan Denoon (part-time)

Mrs Jane Lloyd (part-time)

Mrs Anne MacRae (part-time)

Ms Jillian Marwick

Dr Owen Morris (part-time)

Mrs Elizabeth O’Donoghue

Ms Gail Robertson

Mr Dave Sherratt (West Wing)


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Claire Beling

Mr Colm Black

Mrs Janie Black

Ms Gina Bremner

Ms Moyra Brook

Ms Mhairi Cameron (part-time)

Mrs Norma Charmley

Mrs Jean Deakin

Ms Julia Duncan

Mrs Michelle Fielding-South

Ms Zhanara Fraser

Mrs Debra Goma

Miss Dannielle Houston

Ms Helen Jones (part-time)

Mrs Eilidh Krall (part-time)

Mrs Karen MacLeod (part-time)

Miss Sophie MacRitchie

Mrs Jessie McCaskill

Ms Moira Mills

Mr Allan Moore

Mrs Claire Rennie

Mrs Marcia Ritchie-MacKenzie


Our Department Aims:

  • To enable pupils to be the best they can be
  • To value hard work and provide opportunities for all pupils, so that talents and individual learning styles are identified and encouraged through a range of learning experiences
  • To stay up to date with new technologies, so that the curriculum is accessible as possible to all learners
  • To work closely with IRA subject staff, external agencies, partners, parents and our Feeder Primaries
  • To support our learners with Additional Support Needs, be they large or small, temporary or longer-term
  • To design and support courses and units which employ a differentiated approach and cater for a wide variety of pupil needs.


Our Role:

  • Specialist provision
  • Specialist knowledge and understanding
  • Link people to wider school and external agencies
  • Co-operative/Team Teachers and Assistants
  • Direct Tutors and Assistants in the Core
  • Advocates of Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy


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